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Executive Assistant Job Opening

Gal BePole is an international dance brand promoting empowerment and liberation through dance, emphasizing inclusivity. The brand is undergoing a realignment process and is looking for help with operations as well as strategy. As the executive assistant, you will assist CEO & founder in brand management, strategy and marketing. You will help create and manage social media and email marketing, provide feedback about realignment plan, and help brainstorm ideas for improvement and growth. As time goes by, you will have the option to manage the social media accounts.

You are:

  • A highly motivated self starter who loves to take initiative and ownership of projects

  • Creative, open minded, enjoys creating video content

  • Critical thinker who cares deeply about diversity, equity and inclusion and will help hold the brand accountable for these values

  • Have a passion for self expression through dancing and believe in the business mission

  • Interested in learning how a small business operates first-hand

  • Looking for mentorship in your career path and potentially start your own business

You might also have:

  • Experience with Wix platform for editing websites

  • Marketing strategy experience

Longer-term responsibilities:

  • Manage Instagram account (create content, post, manage comments)

  • Manage Tiktok account (same)

  • Have ownership over email marketing 

You have:

  • 2 years experience with managing and growing social media accounts

  • 2 years experience with video editing (phone apps, IG reels, Tiktok), must come easily to you and bring you joy (you’re proficient and enjoy doing this)

  • 1 year writing content (captions for social, blogging, website copy, marketing copy)

  • 1 year graphic design (crello/canva acceptable, InDesign / Illustrator / equivalent a bonus)

Immediate responsibilities:

  • Capturing content (video, photo)

  • Editing videos (various apps and platforms)

  • Writing copy (posts, newsletters)

  • Coming up with ideas to grow and improve the business

Pay & additional benefits:

  • $15/hour

  • 5-10 hours per week (flexible)

  • Learn how an international online business operates

  • Receive mentoring in marketing, strategy, brand management, pricing

  • Learn how to work with online platforms used in website building and e-learning

  • 1-on-1 coaching for career and business progression

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