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Student Testimonials

Hear what my students have to say


"Gal the twerk-guru!
Wow, don't know were to start. This girl knows what she is doing. I have done the twerk teacher training and a few workshops, she is VERY good with explaining everything, how to do the technique correctly (because after the workshops and teacher training you will understand why it's so important) and she keeps a eye on everyone. The twerk teacher training is a good thing if you want to expand you twerk-technique and to understand the deep and important instructions that you can teach to your students. If you are interested for an teacher training in twerk, I can really recommend Gal, you are going to learn A LOT more than you think and also have some damn fun! That's what I did ;)"

Frida Svensson


"Gal is the shit.
Nuff said.
Ok, I will add- she is funny, lessons are super fun and effective, results arrive fast, confident boost is promised quickly!
And just really, lessons are really fun - but maybe you should bring earplugs for her singing tho ;) "

Nataly Victor


"Gal is my pole and twerk guru. She has the best, funniest, most efficient way of teaching, she really is the pole whisperer who got me succeeding the most difficult poses like Aysha and Handspring and many more!!! She knows how to explains everything so clearly and drive the fear away.
Also love her plumptious booty shorts :) that gives a small-bottom girl like me the perfect behind!! ;)"

Michal Honigsfeld

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