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My Dance Story

I grew up a playful child who loved to dance. Like a lot of people who grew up in the 90’s-00’s, my body image was not positive, with the ‘thin-white-and-blond’ false beauty ideal everywhere around me. I started dancing at 6, but when I started middle school at 12, I quit dancing, as I felt too different from the other girls, and uncomfortable at the studio.
6 years later, at 18, I found my way back to dancing through social Latin dances- Salsa and Bachata. Being led in dance by a partner felt reassuring, and I started to feel more comfortable with my body. At 21 I discovered pole dance, which completely changed my perspective on dance, fitness, and body awareness. It did wonders not only to my physical well-being, but my mental and emotional health as well. Suddenly, I could hold myself upside down using my hands, and do splits in the air while spinning. I felt accomplished and invincible.
I spent some time in Miami and learned about Twerking, a Black Culture dance. Coming from Israel, it was the first time I got to see how beauty ideals differ in geographical places, which made me realize there must not be any one single beauty standard. With this understanding and after learning how to twerk from confident Latin and Black women, I came back to Israel in 2012, and pioneered Twerking classes in my country.
For 4 years, I taught pole dance and twerking in the evenings and weekends, while getting my Master of Science and working in cancer clinical research. I also went through cancer myself during that time (I’m ok now, though). In 2016, quit my job and started my full-time business revolving around Twerking. I produced twerk events, created a clothing line, taught workshops and teacher trainings in Europe and Australia, and launched an online platform. My Twerking business led me to start mentoring women who wanted to start their own passion business, and I applied (and got accepted) to NYU Stern School of Business.
Going to business school was a transformative experience, and after completing my MBA I decided re-align my business so that its mission is in alignment with my values. As an ally who is constantly learning to do better, I no longer focus solely on Twerking in my business, since I am not a part of the community who originated this dance. I integrated my various trainings to design the GBP method, which offers a variety of classes inspired by and honoring established dance styles (more about re-alignment plan coming soon).
As I continue to teach and spread the joy and wonder found in each of us, I hope I can help people achieve comfort and solace, ease and appreciation, in their individual bodies.
This is why I dance.
Join me.

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