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Dance with me:

On-demand courses
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Private lessons
Teacher Training
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Live Zoom Courses

The GBP Method

The GBP method was honed over 15 years of teaching dance. It focuses on tuning in to the emotions and sensations of your body and brings compassion and acceptance into the space. It's about how you feel, not how you or you body looks.
Combining elements from more than 10 dance styles, the GBP method breaks down moves to their basic building blocks, teaches you body control, and helps you gain confidence in your body and in yourself.
The GBP method offers four vibes (dance classes) that help you express different sides of yourself and feel better than how felt before class. Each class has a unique vibe, drawing inspiration from, and honoring, established dance styles. 

Booty Love

Booty dancing is the one class where you can f-ing shake that! Drawing on elements from Twerking (black culture dance), Female Dancehall (Jamaican), and Soca (Caribbean), we learn multiple butt isolation and popping techniques, and connect to our body. In each class we will learn a few techniques and a short choreography. 

This class is one of the most liberating spaces that promote body acceptance, for all bodies. Let the booty celebration begin!

Come wearing comfortable shorts. Seriously. Leggings limit how much your thighs and butt can jiggle.

Queen Attitude

Vibe: fierce, empowered and powerful!
In Queen Attitude, we borrow elements from Voguing, Waacking, Salsa and Bachata into a fluid choreography. You will leave the class feeling sexy and flirty, fierce and feminine, knowing that you are a queen!

Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing gives you a flexible and structured safe space to explore your sensuality and sexuality. This is where we give ourselves permission to be sexy, sultry, and unapologetic. Combining techniques from exotic dance, floorwork, Latin dancing and commercial pop, we will learn a few sexy tricks and a fluid choreography, expressing our sensual energy.

Feel-Good Dancing

Come to this class to have pure, unadulterated FUN! The vibe here is happy, carefree, and upbeat. We combine principles of aerobic dancing, commercial pop, and 1990's & 2000's throwback, to dance an incredibly joyous choreo! You will leave the class feeling elated, in a superb mood, ready to take on the world. Previous choreos like Dr Jones, Bootylicious and Hit Me Baby included moves from the actual music video ;) If you grew up in the 90's-00's and fantasized about being in Britney's music video, this is for you!

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