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Your value is not determined by your looks.

(Angry body rant) Today I uploaded this picture to my Instagram account (@gal_bepole) and had this lovely comment thrown at me... (last comment on the screenshot) It’s funny how growing up in Israel, I was called fat, chubby, a fat-ass and even a “heavy container”. It left me feeling insecure and unhappy with my body and myself. Fast forward to today, luckily body positivity is such a big movement now, but as a recent viral video said - as long as you have a vagina, ppl will have something to say about your life. And you know what? FUCK THEM. My body is perfect and awesome as it is, and here’s a secret- so is yours!!!! You don’t need to LOOK a certain way in order to dance a certain dance, do whatever makes you happy and when somebody comments about your body- shove a foot up their ass, bc then they will know how it feels to have outside interference in their body. So jut a reminder- your external appearance may be important to you, but it DOESNT DETERMINE YOUR VALUE or what you can achieve in life. Do whatever the fuck you want!!!