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Self-defence protocols against trolls

Not a lot of my followers know this, but I have a B.Sc in biotechnology and an M.Sc in microbiology (which, obviously, are not being used atm).However, I did learn one super important thing in my short stint as a scientist: protocols.A protocol is any given set of instructions, to be rolled out at certain situations. For example, a recipe to make a cake is protocol (mix this, only then add that, after this bake etc.).As a woman, in social media, we're constantly under attack/criticism of strangers.As a white, Jewish, Middle Eastern, non-skinny, non-super-fit woman, I'm very used to being criticised, to the point of abuse.In the last two years I guess I've been putting out good content and good vibes, bc I barely got any negative comments. Really. Just love. Positivity. Support.Which made me complacent and smug!!!I forgot I even had a protocol for trolls (#prototroll )Because a few weeks ago, when two men started commenting on one of my videos, saying only my legs jiggle and my butt doesn't, how I don't even know how to twerk, and basically I'm stealing a whole profession- I took it really hard.I forgot what it's like to get hate. I forgot my protocol for these kinda comments: delete and block. Very simple. That's it.So, since I've been out of the hate game so long, I forgot all I need to do is delete and block, and instead, it nearly ruined my whole night. I started replying to one, I took a screenshot fully intending to upload to my story, and then I stopped and asked myself- what are you doing, Gal?Why are you spending energy on this?Is this gonna help you move forward? Benefit you somehow?No. This is not gonna benefit me. It's gonna leave me in this cesspool of negative emotions.I mean, no one, in the history of the internet, has ever gone to a discussion like this and ACTUALLY CHANGED THEIR MIND. So why bother? Why waste energy?I deleted and blocked both of them.This is not a group forum.This is not a democracy.This is my page. This is me.These are my rules.

Women- protect yourselves. Don't engaged in negative discussions Also, you don't need a big butt to twerk, as you can see in this beatyful pic taken by @zerolucy