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The strength in being vulnerable

A lot of women write to me and share some beautiful things with me. I get a lot of messages telling me I inspire you, and these are the messages that give me strength to power through the week. I'm not being sarcastic or cynical at all, I humbly accept the praise (and you know how hard that can be).One woman wrote to me that she likes the fact I write about the non-glamourous things. A lot of strong, powerful women who don't fit the Hollywood beauty standard post on social media, a lot of fierce dancers post videos showcasing people of all colors, shapes and sizes. I do that. But I also share my insecurities. My tough times. The less beautiful parts of the journey we all go through. I try to say when my battery runs out (especially on my fb page), or when I disappear bc I need some time to myself, or when I don't know what to do. And mostly, I don't presume to know everything. It kind of goes against what society teaches us to express to the outside world- a woman needs to be her own strongest supporter, a super-woman, have kids but keep the fit figure, be a boss but also be home and spend time with the family, look good but don't be vain, be attractive and attuned to your sexuality but got forbid, don't be a slut, and mostly- KEEP IT TOGETHER. Don't show the cracks, don't air the dirty laundry, girl you got it easy, so many have it so much worse than you, stop complaining.

Fuck it. At some point, it becomes much harder to keep everything inside and keep up appearances. At one point, I found out it's easier for me to write and express my exhaustion and my humility as a person, than try to shake it off and post positive fun bubbly shit. At the end of the day, you live your life for yourself. Not for other people's entertainment. And the people who won't accept your truth, are NOT the people you want around you.

Keep going. Don't keep your struggles to yourself. Share with the people who can understand you. Remember- body acceptance is NOT an off/on switch- you don't suddenly wake up and love your body (or your mind, actually). It's a never-ending journey. For all of us.I love you.

About this picture- this was my first nude photoshoot in October 2016, and I got some really amazing pics out of this. It was a very strong and powerful experience, because you know how you have the things you hate about yourself when you take pictures, so you know how to avoid them? Well, in nude photoshoots, there’s all the things you know you hate and try to avoid, and then you find even MORE things you didn’t know could look so bad, NUDE!!! Wtf?! It was really hard to remind myself that in every photoshoot, out of 200 pics, only about 5-10 are worth publishing, and not to get too hung up on every imperfection. I already uploaded a few pics from this shoot, but they were all fierce and powerful. I never dared to upload a picture in which you can clearly see on my face, just how terrified I actually was of how the picture will turn out. How my belly will look. So. Time to air this out… I got a belly! I don’t have abs! And it’s ok. I’m human.

This picture was taken by the hugely talented