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My audition for Israel Got Talent

This is my audition for Israel Got Talent!

Spoiler: I didn’t get through.

But it’s ok, I never thought I would, and didn’t come on the show for that.

Now that I answered your question, I wanna tell you a little about my experience there.

I came to this show with a lot of doubt and mistrust- I had a very bad experience with a different talent show, about a year and a half prior to this. However, the Got Talent production team was super professional straight from the beginning.

From the first contact they had with me, they kept saying how much they wanna broadcast my message and my mission. I felt like the production team was truly, truly on my side- one of the managers told me (and I’ll never forget her)- “you talk how you know to talk, and show them how it’s done!”. They really did promote my feminist and body positive agenda, and for that- I’m grateful.

I’m so happy with how they edited my audition- god knows it’s all about the editing- and they gave me a whole six minutes of prime time tv to talk about-

1. How a woman who shakes her butt is a… woman. Person. Human being who enjoys movement. That’s it.

2. We are “allowed” to have joy in our body even if it’s not skinny/toned.

I feel like my message got across beautifully, each of the judges saw that, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Am I happy with my dance performance?

No. Not remotely.

True to Murphy’s law, I was so worked up about it- not only is the choreo itself one of my least favourites, but my nerves got the best of me and I screwed up a lot. It’s probably my least proud-of performance.

And you know what? It’s ok.

It happens. I work very hard on letting things go and accepting my humanity.

Because, when you think about it, my gift in this world is not dance.

My gift and mission in this world is to remind everybody- including myself-

There’s no such thing as a “perfect” body.

There is only body types we’ve been brainwashed to think of as “right” or “desirable”.

Fuck that shit.

If I wait until I’m a size xs before I go on national tv with shorts and midriff-baring shirt,

If I wait until my stomach is flat enough,

If I even imagine my cellulite will one day disappear-

Non of this would have happened.

And I would have shrivelled up and died on the inside.

So, my gift in this world is not dance.

Dance is just the tool I love to work with.

My gift is to remind us- we deserve joy in, with, and from our bodies. Right here. Right now.

I do have one regret about this audition. And that is, that I didn’t tell all those middle schoolers in the crowd (seriously, they were all in middle school, wtf):

To all the girls, teenagers and women,

To all the boys, teenagers and men watching-





Each of our bodies is fine as it is!

End of story!

No need to look a certain way to be considered “attractive”, there’s no “right” model to aspire to, and we all deserve equal rights just because we are human.

We’ve been fed this cocktail of lies since we were born that we need to keep trying to “better” ourselves and our bodies, we need to aspire to achieve a certain look.

This. Is. A. Lie.

You, lady, are enough.

You, sir, are enough.

And if I managed to touch even one teenager… I did my part. 😊

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