6 tips for bettering your relationship with your body

Looking in the mirror and loving your reflection can be hard. We have to un-hate what we were taught is "bad", and then fall in love with our "imperfections", which is another problematic view point all together.

Here are 6 simple tips I use to this day to help with the journey of self love, to practice in front of the mirror:

  • Remind yourself we live in a diet culture that shaped our beauty standards from when we were born, and those standards are completely arbitrary and do not reflect an absolute truth. We have been conditioned to believe a set of rules are the truth. They are not.

  • Understand that our brain has been so effectively programmed, that it's nearly impossible to make a complete shift and start loving everything immediately. Don't be discouraged that you can't snap your fingers and love yourself instantaneously. It's natural.

  • Remember it will take a long time to un-learn what we've been taught over decades, so be patient with the process. Both in terms of what is considered attractive, and in terms of why attractiveness is a virtue we care so much about (does it define me? Does it define my value?)

  • Choose to treat your body or body parts with a neutral tone, rather than go from hate to love. For example, instead of saying "I have big thighs and I hate them", say "I'm fine with having big thighs". Going from negative to neutral is a necessary part of the process and it's a huge deal!

  • Surround yourself with positive images and people. For example, body positive instagram accounts, friends who lift you up, or personal trainers who preach mental and physical health rather than fat percentage and weight.

  • Move in a way that makes you happy! Connecting with your body by moving it is such an important way of healing your relationship with it. For example, the Twerking for Beginners e-course is a wonderful way to reclaim things we have been taught are negative (cellulite, fat, big butts and jiggly thighs) and turn them into positive. We'll also learn how to treat our bodies with the respect it deserves, how to move it in different ways, and gain a whole new appreciation of it.