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Twerk Teacher Training

A few weeks ago, a dance teacher from Holland (The Netherlands) contacted me regarding a private twerk teacher training. She came all the way to Israel just to do a 1-on-1 teacher training with me :) She came to me to improve her teacher skills to ‘master-level’ and to learn new technics. We had a few discussions during the teacher training, talking about a few questions: Who decides who can teach? What level do you have to reach before you can start teaching? If my style is different than other teachers, does that make my not as good as them? Is there only 1 correct way to teach dance? You can of course guess my thoughts about that. On a different note, I recently had the opportunity to talk about teaching beginners vs. advanced students. Teaching beginners is in a way, harder than teaching advanced students: it means you have to break down the movements to its very basic elements, know how to spot the tiniest mistake and how to fix it, and to make girls who never moved before, dance. That is the greatest gift you can ever give somebody, and I'm humbled I get to do it on a weekly basis. Have a great week! =) Feel free to contact me for details regarding twerk teacher trainings in your studio.

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