Dance your heart (and butt) out this winter season.

7 Zoom classes over 4 weeks,

Full of booty movements and inspirations from various dance styles.

A place for you to dance, let go, and connect to yourself.

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What is the Booty & Soul Winter Celebration Program?

The Booty & Soul Winter Celebration is a special 4-week long booty-focused zoom dance program, designed for advanced beginners.

This program is for a fun, empowering and liberating space for people who are looking to dance and experience a variety of different dance styles that work with booty popping!

What does it include?

  • 7 dance classes over 4 weeks

  • Each class is 60 minutes

  • Booty popping techniques

  • Inspirations from twerking, dancehall, stripdance, voguing/waacking, hiphop

  • A supportive, judgement-free safe space to let loose 


Every class will take place at 1pm EST | 7pm CET | 8pm Israel Time. 

Dates are:

  • Sunday 11.12.22

  • Wednesday 14.12.22

  • Sunday 18.12.22 (my birthday!)

  • Wednesday 21.12.22

  • Wednesday 28.12.22 (Xmas week)

  • Wednesday 4.1.23 (NYE week)

  • Sunday 8.1.23

Who is the program suitable for?

  • People with at least 1-2 year of dance class experience as adults

  • Beginner / advanced beginner dancers with a solid foundation of booty popping techniques

  • Students who completed my online twerk courses and want to advance their dance vocabulary 

  • Humans looking to both challenge and liberate themselves through dance

  • Anyone who's looking to express their sensual, playful, joyful side in a wonderfully supportive environment!

Pricing and registration:

The program costs $88 for 7 classes ($12.5 dollars per class).

You can register by any of the following:

  • Pay with a credit card right here

  • PayPal $88 to and note "Booty & Soul" and your What's App number

  • Venmo $88 to @galbenron and noting "Booty & Soul" and your What's App number or email address

  • For Israelis: Bit 300₪ to +972-525-207166 and share the transaction on What's app to the same number with your name 

What happens if I miss a class?

​There will be a bonus make-up class January 15, 2023. 

At this point, the zoom classes will not be recorder or uploaded (subjec

What is the structure of the program?

Each class will be comprised of warm up, techniques or dance steps, and a choreo.

Some of the choreos will be learned over a single class, some choreos will be learned over two classes.

If you miss a class, don't worry- the next classes do not depend on you attending previous classes. If we learn a choreo over two classes, we will go over the first half briefly during the second class. 

What do I need to prepare for the program?

  • A comfortable space in your home to dance in (about 2x2 meters or 6x6 feet should be enough

  • Comfortable clothes- I recommend shorts and a sports bra, with extra layers as needed

  • If you want to brush on your booty-popping techniques, check out my pre-recorded online twerk courses here

How will we be in touch during the program?

​We will have a What's App group in order to have smooth communication. 

I will also send videos of the choreos we learn after each class in that group, and any other updates.