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Twerk Teacher Training -

The G.B.P. Method

FLOW Karlstad, Sweden, July 2016

So you wanna be a twerk teacher, huh? Well, it's about time! :) 

I love explaining things in bullet points, so let me tell you all you need to know- what, how, where and how much!


What is the Twerk Teacher Training Program?

The Twerk Teacher Training program I offer is a 3-day course, 8 hours long, that happens on zoom. It teaches Twerk History, basic steps, trouble shooting mistakes, and how to build a choreo and a class.

Who is it suitable for?

  • Dance instructors with 1+ year experience

  • With an officially recognized movement teaching diploma (dance, fitness, yoga...)

  • Prior experience in twerking

  • Must complete the Twerking for Beginners e-Course prior to attending (included)

What do we learn in the Twerk Teacher Training?

In the GBP twerk teacher training program, we learn about the history and origins of twerk, and we focus on learning the proper technique and breaking down the very basic moves. I will show you: 

  • The 3 basic moves and how to nail them and make sure your STUDENTS nail them everytime,

  • How to teach different, intermediate and advanced variations on those basic moves (up to 20 variations),

  • How to understand the fundamental PRINCIPALS and applying them to any variations you see,

  • How to identify common mistakes and correct them (troubleshooting),

  • The subtleties of different body postures and how they effect your twerking, 

  • How different people use different muscles when learning new movements, and how to approach and explain those different people

  • How to create your own choreographies with your own personal dance style

When and where?

On zoom, during the following times:

  • Part 1: June 2, 7-9am EST / 11am-1pm CET / 12pm-2pm Israel

  • Part 2: June 3, 9am-12pm EST / 1-4pm CET / 2-5pm Israel

  • Part 3: June 3, 9am-12pm EST / 1-4pm CET / 2-5pm Israel

You must participate in all three parts in order to complete the program.

How much does it cost?

Regular registraion: $399

Early Bird Registration: $359 (until May 1, 2023).

It includes:

  • 3-day long learning and training experience

  • An e-Diploma 

  • Twerking for Beginners e-Course access (included in price)

Why take your Twerk Teacher Training with me?

Let me tell you why: 

  • I've been teaching twerking for over 10 years, and have taught in Israel, Denmark, Sweden, UK, Portugal, The Netherlands, Belgium, US, Australia, Spain, Scotland, and more. So, trust me when I say I have a LOT of experience teaching complete beginners, which means...

  • I've seen all the common mistakes. I tried every way to troubleshoot them. And I developed a fool-proof method to teach twerking.

  • All my students know how to twerk. Even after just a 1 hour workshop (granted, in various levels). They all leave my class feeling accomplished.

  • I have been running my GBP Twerk Teacher Training Program since 2015, in numerous countries, and I've now done over 12 programs.

  • I keep IMPROVING the program. I always take feedback and try to better the program, and myself as a teacher. 

  • And last, but not least, I'm funny. Honestly, I use pretty graphic descriptions to make sure you understand my point, so trust me- the program is really, really, FUN and effective!

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