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Reconnect with your inner joy & curiosity through dance, crafts and reflection practices.

Have you ever felt like life somehow got narrow dull?

Like maybe you want to try new things, but getting yourself to actually try them feels like a lot?

Or that you have that spark, that core, in you, but accessing and cultivating it feels completely overwhelming?

It happened to me. At some point, I realized that a part of me was dormant. A playful, curious part of me that enjoys trying new things. That isn't afraid to look silly not being 'good' at something.  As a kid, I experimented with lots of hobbies, but as I got older, life happened, and things just... disappeared. My life became work, rest, but no play. I lacked joy, playfulness, and curiosity. I was afraid to try new things.

I decided to try. Just try. Try emotional release workshops, a course in somatic therapy techniques. Try hiphop, voguing, waacking, Thai boxing and Jiujitsu. After 13 years of not drawing, I bought pens and paper and slowly started doodling very basic shapes. I constantly felt like a beginner. Every time I heard an inner voice telling me "you're not doing it well enough", I said to myself "but I'm doing it, and that's what matters". I dug deep in therapy and talked with my inner child. I let her out to play. I reconnected with her.

And something changed in me. The combination of physical movement, artistic crafts, and different reflection practices, shifted something fundamental in me. I found my inner joy and curiosity again :)

Today, I am not as scared to try new things and be or look like a beginner. Am I completely immune to perfectionism or overwhelm? No. The work is never done. But I have enough proof that they don't matter, and what matters is reconnecting with the inner joy and curiosity, that have been laying low as an adult.


I hope you find what you're looking for here. Whoever your are, however you identify, you are welcome.

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