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Facilitating Safety in
Mind & Body

Hey. Glad to have you here.  Whoever your are, however you identify, you are welcome here.


I’m Gal, and this is a space I created for you to feel safe in as you try new things. I started my business as a dance business at first, creating safe spaces for people to move their body in a judgement-free atmosphere. I then started consulting and mentoring first-time entrepreneurs and continued to facilitate safety for people without business experience to launch products and follow their passion.

The common theme I found is that we are all afraid to be beginners. I know I am, to this day, in every new endeavour I take on- from going to business school, to evolving my business, to taking up Thai Boxing and being pretty bad at it. Being willing to learn and to fail requires courage and vulnerability. 

My aim is to help facilitate a feeling of safety for you, in your body and in your mind, as you do the things that require you to be vulnerable:

dance, start or grow your business, go to therapy, find a fitness plan that works for you, learn cooking and baking.

In this space, you can expect to find generous free content, complete online courses, private sessions with me, and recommendations for people I work with on a regular basis in areas such as therapy, personal training, beauty, pleasure, who share my core values of empathy, inclusivity, and facilitating safety.

I hope you find what you're looking for here.