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I help early-stage startup and business founders launch and grow their first company by learning easy-to-implement frameworks and reducing overwhelm and anxiety.

Want to launch or grow your business, but have no idea where to start?

I was there, too, in 2016. I was scared and overwhelmed.
That first dance business led to me starting an apparel business, an online dance platform, and eventually, it led me to get my MBA at NYU.
I'm here to help you through this process. Emotionally and physically.

Your Story

One-on-one mentoring meetings with me through zoom, wherever you are in the world.

We'll start with a free 15 min consultation call to see if we are the right fit for each other. I work using both halves of the human brain: the emotional and the analytical. That means I help you find the overlap between what you love doing, and what the market needs. 

Then, we will start a 4-6 month long process of monthly meetings where we will go over:

  • Processes and frameworks I collected over the years (through my own businesses and through business school) for brand identity, customer analysis, market research, product market fit, go-to-market strategy, growth marketing, and more. If this sounds scary and overwhelming- you're not alone. It's all just fancy terms that say "I help you find your gift, your clients, and connect between them".

  • Emotional work. We will dig deep into what motivates you, what holds you back, and what do you need to feel comfortable when going out of your comfort zone. We might even discover some patterns that have been there for years. Disclaimer: I am not a therapist. I will happily refer you to mine, if you'd like- she's been instrumental in my journey (and still is. The journey never ends).

  • Emotionally sustainable practices- starting and growing a business is a marathon, not a sprint. I will share my tried and tested methods of breaking down projects to manageable pieces, and will help you balance motivation and rest.

  • Useful resources: workbooks, tutorials, books, online courses, other professionals, free tools, and anything else that I have found useful over the years that will help you at your point in the journey.

My Story

Being a business owner sucks. No one will tell you this, but I will. 

It can be isolating, overwhelming, or disheartening at times. When you do something you love, everything that happens matters just a little bit more.

But, it is incredibly fulfilling, liberating, and confidence-boosting. When you see and feel your products and when you have actual humans gaining value from your gift, the sense of gratification and purpose is second to none. Knowing you created that yourself, through your hard work and authentic passion, makes you feel like you can do and achieve anything. 

That is my experience as a business owner. When I started my business, I was terrified. Terrified of failing, terrified of not knowing what to do or where to start. Afraid my family would be proved right, I would not make it as a business owner (and focusing on Twerking, in the Middle East, of all things) and I'd have to go back to working in clinical trials or in a biology lab. Don't get me wrong, fantastic jobs and I love science. I just don't like doing the science myself. 


I threw myself into this business-business in the only way I know how: with fervor, and through education. I took marketing and small business management courses, hired a mentor, read books, listened to podcasts, and diligently applied all that I learned. I built my brand identity and designed marketing campaigns for my products, iterating and improving over the years. I tried my hand at event production (not my thing), service-based products (definitely my thing), apparel and e-commerce (loved it, but too much logistics for me), and digital products (honestly, the best). I kept learning new frameworks and went to business school at NYU, where I participated in a startup bootcamp and learned the Lean Startup Method. 

At the end of the day, my therapy has been just as much of a teaching tool for me as all my business acumen: find what energizes me, apply the business principals to it, and things will happen. 

I am here to be the guide for you that I never had. 

I am here, so that you can save time, heartache, and money on your journey to financial success and personal gratification. 

I meet you where you are in your journey, no two clients are the same. While I have a toolkit of processes and frameworks, I compassionately work with you and guide you towards what you need at this moment, not what hustle culture tells you you need. Even if that's time off, even if it's re-evaluating your business, or even if it's overcoming an emotional pattern that's preventing you from going after what you really want. 

I am here, with you, for you.

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