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Dirty Dancing NYC:
June 5, 2022

Come dance and express your sensual side with me!

In this open-level workshop, we'll learn sexy floorwork techniques, break them down to their elements, then string them together in a fluid choreography. This workshop is open-level, meaning beginners, intermediates and experienced dancers are all welcome! The choreography will be beginner level and I will provide modifications to challenge more experienced dancers. This workshop is open to all genders and all bodies, please respect the vibe :)

What's in it for you?

In this 1.5 hour workshop you will:

  • learn a few easy sexy dance moves,

  • in a supportive, judgement-free environment for all bodies and all  levels,

  • express your sensuality in a fun, flirty choreography

  • and get a reminder that you and your body, as you are, are pretty awesome!


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