How to Twerk: twerking tips by Gal BePole

You don't have to come to a twerk class to learn how to twerk!
I know from experience, it may be a bit intimidating walking into a room full of women and learning how to jiggle your butt. Plus, you can't find twerking in every stuio
That's why I created this series of videos, designed to address common mistakes and help you achieve a smooth movement from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy!

How to Twerk: working from a neutral back

When you first attempt the basic pop (also know as the basic twerk), you might be tempted to use your back in an arching-rounding way. This is uncomfortable and not healthy for your back, not to mention it doesn't look so great. Instead, try to find your neutral back and work form the lower back.

How to Twerk: popping vs. dropping

In this short video I talk about the importance of direction, not only in life, but in twerking :)
You can pop your booty up or down, with the accent changing according to the music and the beat, thus impacting the look and feel of your twerking.
When you're just starting out, don't get overwhelmed with trying to do complicated pops and drops to the music, instead focus on getting a nice rhythm and a smooth flow you feel you control.